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August 22, 2018 | Publications, Working papers | By MG

Scientific Research at CERN as a Public Good: A Survey to French Citizens

Massimo Florio and Francesco Giffoni. CERN Working Paper, Future Circular Collider, Accelerators and Storage Rings

“CERN produces knowledge advances about the nature and the origins of the Universe, which can be considered a ‘public good’ . The provision of such public good is financed by the contributions of its Member States. Taxpayers are ultimately the funders of CERN’s investment projects. This report was motivated by the need to know whether and to what extent citizens are willing to pay for fundamental particle physics research at CERN and for a new future particle accelerator project that can follow the LHC/HL-LHC research programme. In particular, the following goals were pursued: 1) Assessing the public’s awareness about CERN; 2) Measuring people’s willingness-to-pay (WTP) in France (one of the two CERN host states) for an investment scenario A “CERN Member States decide to invest in a new particle accelerator in the next decade…” compared to an alternative scenario B “CERN Member States decide not to invest in a new particle accelerator…”. The study yields the following results […]”

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