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November 12, 2018 | Publications, Articles | By MG

The socio-economic impact of a breakthrough in the particle accelerators’ technology…

...A research agenda. Massimo Florio, Andrea Bastianin and Paolo Castelnovo. NIMA, Volume 909, 21-26

“Preliminary evidence on the long-run trajectory of the accelerator industry suggests that it may be close to the maturity phase of its cycle. If this is the case, how can we measure the benefits of an uncertain breakthrough in acceleration technology? Who are the main stakeholders interested by such a breakthrough? We identify these subjects and sketch some avenues for answering these questions. We thus present a model for the social Cost–Benefit Analysis (CBA) of research infrastructures and illustrate the results of its implementation for assessing the benefits of accelerators in basic science and hadrontherapy. Lastly, we move from the social CBA of single research infrastructures to modeling a major change in the accelerator technology and hence in the industry. A research agenda on the potential impacts of a technological breakthrough is presented.”

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