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January 19, 2019 | Projects | By MG

EUsers Network (2014-2017)

A network of six European universities built upon an informal network of researchers both within and outside the European Union

The EUsers was organized around the activities of the Jean Monnet Chair (hosted by Università degli Studi di Milano) and Ciriec international.

The EUsers Network aims at encouraging the diffusion of innovative teaching approaches, applied research and policy debate on services of general interest (SGI) in the European Union from a citizens’ perspective, by creating a network of six universities.

The EUsers Partners:

Università degli Studi di Milano (lead University) – Italy
Ǻbo Akademi University School of Business and Economics – Finland
University of Greenwich – United Kingdom
Universität Leipzig – Germany
Université de Rouen – France
WU Wirtschaftuniversität Wien – Austria

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