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CIRIEC International

CIRIEC (International Centre of Research and Information on the Public, Social and Cooperative Economy) is a non-governmental international scientific organization

CIRIEC objectives are to undertake and promote the collection of information, scientific research, and the publication of works on economic sectors and activities oriented towards the service of the general and collective interest:

  • action by the State and the local and regional public authorities in economic fields (economic policy, regulation);
  • public utilities;
  • public and mixed enterprises at the national, regional and municipal levels;
  • the so-called “social economy” (not-for-profit economy, cooperatives, mutuals, and non-profit organizations); etc.

In these fields CIRIEC develops activities of interest for both managers and researchers, offering opportunities for mutual enrichment.

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CIRIEC & its Research Activities (presentation by D. Greiling, E. Reeves, B. Sak, CIRIEC)


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