Cost-Benefit Analysis of the LHC to 2025 and beyond

Massimo Florio presented “Cost-Benefit Analysis of the LHC to 2025 and beyond: Was it Worth it?” at CERN Colloquium. The presentation took place on 11th June 2015 from to

CBA model designed for large scale research infrastructures and applied to the LHC. He showed estimations of investment and operation costs spread over 30 years (to 2025), combining data from the CERN and the experiments, and the evaluation of the benefits of knowledge output (publications), human capital development, technological spillovers, and cultural effects. Additionally, he presented the willingness-to-pay for the pure value of discovery at the LHC by the general public estimated through a survey of around 1,ooo respondendents in four countries.

Further information about this project can be found here.

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