APPLIED WELFARE ECONOMICS. Cost-Benefit Analysis of projects and policies, Routledge, February 2014

I learned a lot from this book. It is an important triangulation point on the nature of applied welfare and benefit–cost analysis (BCA). This triangulation is due to its general equilibrium foundation and European primacy of focus, both of which differ from standard US texts on the subject. I think the book will be most valuable as part of an economics graduate course on welfare analysis or for the large practitioner community already involved in doing BCA. The book is clearly written with explanatory ‘break-out boxes’ that help keep the core text from being too abstract, as do several chapters on empirics and the four concluding chapters on practice in Europe including ex-post (retrospective) analysis. […]

Scott Farrow (2014): Applied Welfare Economics: Cost–Benefit Analysis of Projects and Policies, Regional Studies

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