Ad personam Jean Monnet Chair in EU Industrial Policy

<<Ad personam Jean Monnet Chairs are teaching and research posts with a specialization in European integration studies and are reserved for (i) distinguished Jean Monnet Chairs who deliver evidence of high-level International teching and publication record (that was achieved, at least in part, outside their countries of residence) and/or (ii) professors with a distinguished background as former high-level practiotioners in the field of European integration>>.

The course of EU Industrial Policy has been selected as Ad personam Jean Monnet Chair by the European Commission in 2011, with a co-financing project for the period 2011-2014. Previously , Professor Massimo Florio was awarded the Jean Monnet Chair of ‘Economic of European Integration’ for the period 2003-2009.

The chair has been organizing the Milan European Economy Workshop over ten years.

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