Jean Monnet Network

Creation and development of consortia of international
players in the area of European Union studies

Services of general interest in the EU: A citizens’ perspective on public versus private provision (EUsers)

2014 – 2017

The objective of the EUsers Network is to become a reference point in higher education on public services in the European Union.

Students, junior researchers and general public will be targeted through different tools.

The EUsers Network involves six European universities. It builds upon an informal network of researchers both within and outside the European Union, organized around the activities of the Jean Monnet Chair (hosted by Università degli Studi di Milano) and Ciriec international.

The EUsers Network’s activities include Seminars, Workshops, a Summer School and Coordination meetings. The outputs of these activities will be disseminated to the general public through a dedicated website, newsletters and an e-book.



The EUsers network aims at encouraging the diffusion of innovative teaching approaches, applied research and policy debate on services of general interest (SGI) in the European Union from a citizens’ perspective, by creating a network of six universities. The EUsers network’s activities will focus mainly on network SGI such as energy, telecommunications, transport and environmental services. These will be examined through the lenses of citizens as users, and the public or private nature of their provision will be evaluated in terms of consumers’ welfare effects.

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