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Office: +39 0250321510/02503 12882

Education and Postgraduate Studies

1989 London School of Economics, Department of Economics – Research Scholar, Foreign and Commonwealth Office Fellowship (Research Advisor, Professor Nicholas Stern)

1988 London School of Economics, Department of Economics – Research Scholar, CNR and British Council Fellowship (Research Advisor, Professors Saul Estrin and Nicholas Stern)

1978 Institut Universitaire, Luxembourg – International Course on European Economic and Social Affairs, Foreign Affairs Ministry Scholarship

1978 University of Rome – Laurea in Economia e Commercio (dissertation in Economic Policy), 110/110 cum laude. Supervisor Professor Federico Caffè

1977 Istao post-graduate school, Ancona – Master in Applied Economics, internal scholarship, Director Professor Giorgio Fuà

1975 University of Rome – Laurea in Giurisprudenza (dissertation on Optimal Taxation Theory), 110/110 cum laude. Ministry of Treasury Award for best dissertations on Economic Policy. CIRIEC Award for best dissertations on Public Economics. Supervisor, Professor Cesare Cosciani, Co-Supervisor Professor Sergio Steve.

Current Positions:

2014 – 2017 Coordinator of the Jean Monnet EUsers network (

2013 – on President of Commission on Public Services/Public Enterprises, CIRIEC International, Brussels

2012 – on Honorary President and Chairman Scientific Committee , CSIL Centre for Industrial Studies

2012 – on Editorial Board, Utilities Policy

2012 – on Editorial Board, Journal of Economic Policy Reform

2011 – on Editorial Board, Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics

2011 – on Board Member, Fondazione Giorgio Fuà, Rome

2010 – on President, Nucleo di Valutazione, University of Milan

2010 – on Editorial Board, Economia Pubblica (Franco Angeli)

2008 – on Board Member, Fondazione Luoghi Comuni, Roma

2006 – on Scientific Board, Transition Studies Review (Springer)

1993 – on Università degli Studi di Milano – Professor of Public Economics, Department of Economics, Management, and Quantitative methods. Formerly Assistant Professor and Associate Professor

1993 – on Scientific director and coordinator of research projects and large expert teams, CSIL Centre for Industrial Studies

Past Positions:

2011 – 2014 “Ad personam” Jean Monnet Chair of EU Industrial Policy

2005-2010 Università degli Studi di Milano – Head of the Department of Economics, Business and Statistics

2003-2009 Jean Monnet Chair of Economics of European Integration

2007- 2009 Board Member, UNIMITT, Centre for Technology Transfer

1980-2012 President, Scientific Committee, CSIL – Centre for Industrial Studies, Milan

University of Milan, Member of the Political Sciences Faculty coordination board

University of Milan, Faculty Board of the Master in Development Projects Analysis and Management

Visiting Positions and other Academic appointments abroad

2008 – Oxford Brookes University, Promotion Committee, External advisor

2003 – London School of Economics, Promotion Committee, External advisor

1999 – OECD, Paris – Academic Visitor

1995 – IMF, Washington – Academic Visitor

1991 – University of Exeter, Department of Economics – Academic Visitor

1990 – London School of Economics, STICERD – Academic Visitor

1987 – University of Reading, Department of Economics – Erasmus Fellowship

1986 – IIASA, Laxenburg – Visiting scholar

Current Teaching Activities

Undergraduate level: Public Finance, Cost-benefit analysis

Post graduate level: Political economy and welfare analysis/Topics in Economic Analysis and Policy, EU Industrial Policy/European regulatory economics

PhD level: Theory of Public Economics

Past teaching activities

Università di Ancona – (undergraduate) Industrial Economics

Università di Urbino – (undergraduate) Economics, Public Finance

University of Pavia, Ph.D courses in Economics and in Public Finance- Theory of Public Economics

Supervision of PhD Students and of post-docs (2011 Position)

Completed PhD in Economics (current position): Elisa Borghi (University Carlo Cattaneo-LIUC), Rinaldo Brau (University of Cagliari), F. Lovecchio, Chiara Del Bo (University of Milan), Simona Grassi (University of Lausanne), Rossella Verzulli (University of York),  Giovanni Perrucca (Polytechnic Milan).
Co-supervisions: Paolo Belli (University of Pavia), Alessandro Ferrara (European Commission).
Supervision of post-doc research fellows: Elisa Borghi (University of Milan), Sara Colautti (CSIL –Centre for Industrial Studies), Orietta Dessy (Bocconi University), Chiara Del Bo (University of Milan), Raffaele Doronzo (Bank of Italy), Stefania Lionetti (University of Lugano), Riccardo Puglisi (University of Pavia), Laura Delponte, Stefano Clo, Matteo Ferraris.


  • Selected Research and Evaluation activities in the Field of European Economic Studies (EU institutions, Regional Policy and Cohesion Policy)

2014-2017. EUsers – Services of general interest in the EU: a citizens’ perspective on public versus private provision’, JEAN MONNET NETWORK,

2013 – 2015. Development of guidelines for “Cost/Benefit Analysis in the Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) Sector”, research project financed by the European Investment Bank, University Research Sponsorship Programme (EIBURS),

2014-ongoing. European Commission, DG Regional and Urban Policy ,“Ex post evaluation of Cohesion Policy programmes 2007-2013 financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Cohesion Fund (CF) – Work Package 2: Support to SMEs – Increasing Research and Innovation in SMEs and SME Development”, click here for more information.

2014. European Commission, DG Regional and Urban Policy “Cost-Benefit analysis guide: Practical tool for improved Cohesion Policy 2014-2020”, click here for more information.

2014-2015. European Commission, Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy, “Study to determine flat-rate revenue percentages for the sectors or subsectors within the fields of (i) ICT, (ii) research, development and innovation and (iii) energy efficiency to apply to net revenue generating operations co-financed by the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESI Funds) in 2014-2020″.

2014. “The Governance of the Cohesion Policies for Research and Innovation”, on behalf of the European Commission, DG Research and Innovation, Innovation for Growth (I4G) group. Co-author of the report “Research intensive clusters and Regional Innovation Systems: a case study of Mechatronics in Apulia”, with Emanuela Sirtori and Julie Pellegrin. To download the working paper click here.

2011-2014. EIB-Universities Research Programme “The History of European infrastructure finance”.

2011-2014 Ad personam Jean Monnet Chair in EU Industrial Policy.

2010-2011. European Commission, DG Regional Policy “Ex post evaluation of investment projects co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) or the Cohesion Fund (CF) in the period 1994-1999″, click here for more information.

2010. European Commission, DG Regional Policy “Impact of Additionality on the Real economy”

2010. European Commission, DG Regional Policy “Ex post evaluation of cohesion policy interventions 2000-2006 financed by the Cohesion Fund (including former ISPA) – Work Package C – Cost benefit analysis of environment projects, click here for more information.

2010-2011. CERRE(Centre on regulation in Europe) on behalf Fluxys, Elia, Open Grid Europe and CREG, Investments on Transport Infrastructures or Natural Gas and Electricity. Towards a comprehensive conceptual framework to assess their impact on social welfare. Click here for more information.

2010-2011. Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania, “Methodology and Model Development for Assessment of Social-Economic Impact of Investments Financed by EU Structural Funds and National Budget of Lithuania”.

2009-2010. European Parliament, “The Inter-relationship between the Structural Funds and the Provision of Services of General Interest and Services of General Economic Interest, and the Potential for Cross-Border Service Delivery”. Final report available here.

2009. European Commission, DG Regional Policy, ‘Ex post evaluation of cohesion policy programmes 2000-2006 co-financed by the European Fund for Regional Development (Objective 1 and 2). Work package 4: Structural Change and Globalisation’, click here for more information.

2008-2010. EIB-Universities Research Programme “Public Investment under Budgetary Constraints in New Member States”

2008. European Commission “Guide to Cost-Benefit Analysis of Major Projects in the Context of EU Regional policies” (four editions) also in 1994, 1997 and 2002.  To download the guide, click here.

2007-2008. European Commission, DG for Energy and Transport “EVATREN (Improved decision-aid methods and tools to support evaluation of investment for transport and energy networks in Europe)”

2007-2008. European Commission EuropAid “Technical Assistance for the Development of a National Clustering Policy in Turkey”

2007. European Commission DG Ecfin “The Evaluation of the economic evaluation activities of the DC for Economic and Financial Affairs”

2006-2008. European Commission 6th Framework Programme – “Understanding Privatization Policy”

2005. Appointed expert by the EU Commission in view of the drawing of “The Community Strategic Guidelines on cohesion” (Regional development)

2005. Scientific Advisor, “Policy guidelines for regions falling under the new regional competitiveness and employment objective for the 2007 – 2013 period in the fields of the knowledge economy and the environment, in line with the Lisbon and Gothenburg objectives” (2005), European Commission, DG Regional policy

2005. Member of the Steering Committee for the ex-post evaluation of the EU Cohesion Fund

2004-2006. European Commission, DG Sanco “Evaluation of 2000-2003 financial contribution to European Consumers organizations”

2004. European Commission, DG Enterprise “Ex-post evaluation of the Observatory of European SMEs”.

2003-2009 Jean Monnet Chair of ‘Economic of European Integration’ .

2003-2006. European Commission Jean-Monet Chair “Economics of European integration”, EC co-financing project for the period 2004-2007

2001-2002. Independent expert, appointed by the EC, of the technical group for the monitoring of attribution criteria of the performance reserve 4% (Italy, CSF Ob.1)

1999. Preparation of a background document for the European Parliament concerning four hundred major infrastructure projects co-financed by the EC Structural Funds;

1999. Review of Article 10 of the ERDF Regulations, European Commission

1997-98. Member of the Scientific Committee, Centre for European Evaluation Expertise, Lyon (F), MEANS Project

1994. Co-ordinating group for the three countries concerned (France, Greece, Italy) by the Integrated Mediterranean Programmes (I.M.P.), European Commission

1986-1987. Scientific coordinator of a network of 30 European experts concerning the FAST Programme “Forestry and Forest Policy”, European Commission, D.G. XII Science and Technology

  • Research and Advisory Activities for other International Organizations (Selected Projects)

2013-2014. The World Bank. Promoting Fiscal Discipline in Public Investments through Cost Benefit Analysis in Ghana.

2010.  The World Bank, Advice on Cost-Benefit Analysis, Washington D.C.-

2009. OECD – Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (Scientific Advisor and contributor for the book “Governing Regional Development Policies. The use of performance indicators”, Paris)

2008. World Bank, Seminars on CBA methodology, Vienna Joint Research Centre

2007. OECD- Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development – Scientific Advisor and Contribution to the Policy Report for the OECD on the cost effectiveness of performance indicators systems in multi level governance context.

1990. OECD – Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development – Environment Directorate, Advisor and contributor for the elaboration of the Italian case study on Market and Intervention Failures in Forestry Management.

1983. OECD – Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development – Preparation of a report on Industrial Policy in rural areas for an OECD Intergovernmental Conference, dealing particularly with schemes for the promotion of innovation in small businesses.

  • Research Activities Funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (selected projects in the last ten years)

2010-2011. PRIN 2008 – The new public enterprise

2009. PUR – Governance e performance delle aziende di servizi pubblici locali

2008. PUR – La sostenibilità degli investimenti pubblici in un’ottica di integrazione europea

2007. FIRST – Analisi degli effetti delle politiche di liberalizzazione del mercato elettrico nell’Unione Europea sui prezzi al consumo

2006-2008. COFIN 2005 – Fiscal and Regulatory Challenges of the European Integration: an Agenda 2007-2013

2004-2006. COFIN 2004 – Processi di integrazione economica e nuove modalità di finanziamento delle infrastrutture e dei servizi pubblici

2006. FIRST – Analisi di benessere sociale della riorganizzazione dei servizi di interesse generale in Europa.

2005. FIRST – Analisi degli effetti della riorganizzazione dei servizi pubblici sul benessere dei consumatori in Europa

2005. FIRB – La frammentazione internazionale della produzione delle imprese italiane. Nuovi modelli organizzativi e ruolo delle tecnologie dell’informazione

2004. FIRST – Effetti distributivi dei processi di privatizzazione in prospettiva internazionale

2002. FIRST – La valutazione degli investimenti pubblici e le procedure dei Fondi Strutturali

2002. Grant by University of Milan, Azione esplorativa – Analisi costi-benefici e investimenti pubblici nell’Unione Europea

  • Other Research Projects (Selected)

2001. FORMEZ – Italian Ministry of Economy – Feasibility study for the national network of public investment evaluation units

1990-1994. Umbria, Italian Region – Leader of the Independent Evaluation team for the Integrated Mediterranean Programmes

1987-1990. Progetto Finalizzato IPRA (Incremento Produttività Risorse Agricole )- CNR (Italian National Research Council)

1987-1990. Italian Ministry of Budget, Italian Regional Governments; British Dept. of Transport, British Dept. of Health, Home Office; U.S. Federal Government, General Accounting Office, Congressional Budget Office, Special Federal Agencies; World Bank – Comparative research on the practical experience with Cost-Benefit Analysis in different countries and international organizations

1985-1987. Economic impact of green-field large firms on local development, particularly in the Mezzogiorno (ISTAO)

1981-1987. Ministry of Agriculture, the CNR (Italian National Research Council) and IIASA (International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis) – Research on the econometric modelling of specific industries.

Presentations in conferences and seminars (selected)

SBCA Conference (Washington DC), APPAM Conference (Boston), Charles University (Prague), Undersecretariat for Foreign Trade (Istanbul), EARIE (Lausanne), EC Evaluation Conferences (Budapest, Edinburgh, Madrid, Warsaw), EC delegation (Croatia), EC delegation (Romania), European Commission (Brussels), European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (London), European Economic Association, European Investment Bank, Ecole Normale Superieur (Paris), FEMB (Helsinki), FAO (Rome), FORBA (Vienna), Georgetown University (Washington DC), International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (Vienna), International Institute of Public Finance (Moscow), International Monetary Fund (Washington DC), IUFRO (Lubjana), LMU Munich, London School of Economics, OECD (Paris), Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona), Politecnico of Milan, Scuola Superiore “Enrico Mattei” (Milan), Società Italiana di Economia Pubblica (Pavia), University of Ancona, University of Bilbao, University Bocconi – Milan, University of Cambridge, University of Cantabria, Cornell University (Rome), University of Florence, University of Lancaster, University of Modena, University of Milan, New York University, University of Padova, University of Parma, University of Pavia, University of Reading, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, University S.Pio X (Rome), University “Tor Vergata”(Rome), University of Turin, University of Urbino, World Bank (Washington DC, Vienna), IADB (Washington DC).

Training on CBA and Public Investments Evaluation (selected)

  • June 2016 –  Eusers Summer School “Performance and Governance of Services of General Interest in the EU. Critical perspectives on Energy, Telecommunications, Transport and Water Reforms.
  • October 2012 – CBA School – EC Experts, Bucharest,  PDC (Projects, Development Consultants srl).
  • 2011-present – Summer School on Cost-benefit Analysis – University of Milan and CSIL.
  • 2012 – PDC – Projects Development Consultants. Course on Economic Analysis in Romania: Cost-Benefit Analysis for project and policy evaluation
  • July 1/2 2010 – Ministry of Finance: Vilnius.
  • April 10-13, 2007 – The World Bank, Vienna, JVI: Course on Economic Analysis: Cost-benefit analysis for project and policy evaluation.
  • 16 November 2009 – DG REGIO: Brussels.
  • 26 October 2004 – Ministry of Finance: Prague.
  • 14-15 October 2004 – The Italian Ministry of the Environment and Territory: Rome: OECD Workshop on recent developments in cost-benefit analysis.
  • 19 May 2004: DG REGIO: Brussels.
  • 4-5 December 2002 – DG REGIO: Brussels: Seminar on Cost-benefit analysis.
  • 6-7 November 2001 – DG REGIO: Brussels: Seminar on Cost-benefit analysis.
  • 13 July 2001 –  DG REGIO: Brussels: Seminar on Cost-Benefit Analysis.

Conferences on CBA and Regional Policy (Selected)

  • ESA Socio-Economic Studies Steering Group Meeting, ‘ Cost-Benefit Analysis of the LHC’, 25th November 2015.
  • Workshop on ‘Exploring the Application of Cost-Benefit Analysis to Research Infrastructures and Major RDI Projects’, hosted by European Commission, DG Research, 13 November 2015, organised by  Departments of Economics, Management and Quantitative Methods (DEMM) and the Department of Physics, University of Milan and CSIL Centre for Industrial Studies.
  • OECD Global Science Forum, Workshop on Methodologies and Tools for assessing Socio-Economic Impact of Research Infrastructures,3 November 2015.
  • Sixth European Conference on Evaluation of Cohesion Policy, Warsaw, 30 November-1 December 2009: Getting incentives right: do we need ex post CBA?
  • Open Days: Brussels, 7 October 2008, “Growth poles for territorial cohesion”.
  • Open Days 2006: Brussels, 9-12 October 2006, “Financing and evaluating PPP programmes”.
  • EIB Seminar on “Cost-benefit analysis in the 2007-2013 programming cycle. Rules and incentives in a multi-government setting”, Luxembourg, 18 September 2006.
  • Ministry of Transport: Warsaw, 18 July 2006, Twinning Project PL/2003/IB/OT/04 on “Improvement of the Managing Structures Implementing the Cohesion Fund and ERDF in the Transport Sector”, Seminar on CBA.
  • Open Days 2005: Brussels, 10-13 October 2005, “Working together for regional growth and jobs. Preparing the next generation of Structural Funds programmes”.
  • Open Days 2004: “Managing Regional Development“.
  • Fifth European Conference on Evaluation of The Structural Funds – Budapest, 26-27 June 2003: Cost-benefit analysis of infrastructure projects in an enlarged European Union: expected returns and incentives.
  • ‘Evaluation and EU Regional Policy: New Questions and New Challenges’, Aix en Provence, France 31st May and 1st June 2002: Cost Benefit analysis and project appraisal under EU Structural Funds co-financing.

Current affiliations

  • London School of Economics Alumni Association (life member)
  • Società Italiana degli Economisti
  • Società Italiana di Economia Pubblica
  • Society for Benefit – Cost Analysis

Reviewer for the following journals (selected):

Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, Applied Economics,  Canadian Journal of Economics, Comparative Economic Studies, Energy Economics, Energy Policy, FinanzArchiv, Fiscal Studies, Industry and corporate change, International Journal of Public Policy, International Review of Applied Economics, International Review of Administrative Sciences, International Review of Economics, International Review of Economics and Finance, Journal of Benefit Cost Analysis, Journal of Public Economics, Journal of Public Economic Theory, Portuguese Economic Journal, Public Budgeting and Finance, Public Choice, Regional Studies, Review for the Economic Papers, Small Business Economics, Transport Policy, Waste Management and Research.

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